Globalization of business is one of the prime goals of Zenith Drugs Pvt. Ltd. The Initiatives in the remarkable rise in exports. Our objectives will always be to offer high quality medicines at competitive prices so that a wide section of the populated of the developed, underdeveloped and least developed countries can benefits by our cost effective quality medicines. To augment our efforts in this direction, we are looking for more strategic marketing alliances with companies who specialize in global tendering business. Simultaneously, we intend to register and commercialize our products with the help of our overseas distributors in several countries.


We offer contract manufacturing of dosage form depending upon the requirement of our clients. Our services include purchasing of Raw Material, Productions, Packaging and Quality Control. Through this flexible approach, we are capable to integrate perfectly into supply chain for our dosage forms, monitor and optimize the timelines of our delivery and keep it up to our customer’s cent percent satisfaction.

In our plant, we do not have any components of wood and all machines are of GMP Model. Each section has seperate AHU with differential pressure to avoid cross contamination and layout is uniflow to avoid mix-up.


We always try to work to reduce the cost in most of the formulations. As a result we are very cost effective in following facilities.¬†We have developed cost effective, stable formulations of various products and to name few…
Povidone Iodine Ointment
Clebetasol with miconazole Cream
Neomycin Sulphate Ointment
Paracetamol Suspension
Zinc Sulphate Syrup
Antacid Suspension


Valuable technical guidance is provided by Bhupesh Soni (B. Pharm), Who has over 15 years of experience. We always prefer the Use of Latest Technology in the Manufacturing, Packaging & Testing to Increase production & Quality at low cost.


A stringent check that ensure unparalleled quality… We at Zenith Drugs Pvt. Ltd., believe that Quality is not just a departmental obligation, it is paramount and applies to everything and everyone who is part of this company. To ensure Total Quality Control (TQM), the Quality Assurance (QA) Department is independent in its functioning.
In-house quality checks are exhaustic and detailed in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), in addition to the recommendations specified by the US, British and Indian Pharmacopeias for all of our operations right from raw material audit to in-process checks through finished product inspection. QA Department is equipped with high Performance thin layer Chromatography, Infrared Spectometer & other highly sophisticated instruments as per the WHO / GMP Norms.